Refugee Datathons

Here you’ll find information on our refugee datathons, past and planned. We meet about every 3 months in Munich, organized via the Nerds4Refugees meetup group.

Some are talks, but mostly we just meet on Saturdays to work on data.

There are beginners and experts. Techies and activists. Devs and Ops and Designers. This is a project where everyone is welcome, and everyone can contribute.

Refugee Datathon 6: Results

Refugee Datathon #5: International Data Sources, and an OECD wide Königssteiner Schlüssel

IT Refugee Initiatives in Munich

open data day munich hackathon results

Nothing for Refugee Datathon 4, sorry

Refugee Datathon, der dritte

Refugee Datathon, der zweite

Refugee Datathon Munich, der erste